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Thank you for visiting our site! We hope that you easily find the information and services you are looking for. If not, please contact us and let us know. We look forward to helping you and your ministry!

Strategic Cell Ministries International (SCMI) was founded by Dr. Les & Twyla Brickman in 1998 and continues to impact countless nations worldwide through its many facets of ministry. SCMI began as a means of providing training to cell churches around the world. Our ministry today extends beyond that of typical conferences which merely impart passion and information. Read More

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We specialize in a broad range of services including coaching, consultations, seminars, and materials. Select from the main areas below to find out more!

Coaching   Coaches are change experts who help you develop a unique solution that works for your individual situation. We coach leaders, church planters, those transitioning a church, professionals, as well as those who would consider themselves to be just average people.
Services  SCMI offers you an unmatched total solution for your needs, with a unique variety of services ranging from education to hands-on help. We'll come alongside you with tailored solutions and customized products to meet your unique needs.
Material  SCMI is committed to developing customized cutting edge strategies and systems for effective coaching and cell church / micro church planting and transition. We offer materials through several mediums including audio, video, and books.
About Us   Discover who we are, how we started, what are vision & mission are and so much more!

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