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What Is Coaching?

A Coach Is Not...

1. An expert in a certain field who gives you advice. That is consulting.
2. A professional who prescribes what you need to become a whole person. That is counseling.
3. Someone more senior than you that imparts what God has placed in them. That is mentoring.

Coaches are change experts who help you develop a unique solution that works for your individual situation.
Below are four key characteristics that taken together set coaching apart from counseling, consulting, teaching or mentoring:

1. Coaching is a Transformational Conversation
The biggest surprise for first-time clients is realizing that the coach isn't there to give advice. Instead, powerful, incisive questions stimulate you to examine the things in life that matter most from new angles. A coaching conversation transforms the way you look at life, because your coach will push you to reflect more deeply, express yourself more clearly, and be explicit about your goals and values.

2. Coaching is a Transparent Relationship
A coach is a friend and confidant, your greatest supporter, someone who knows you well enough to recognize the greatness God has placed in you and then challenge you to rise to it. A transparent relationship with a coach frees you to go to places you've never gone before.

3. Coaching is a Support System for Change
With support, encouragement and accountability from someone who believes in us, we can do far more than we'd ever accomplish alone. A coach helps you stay on track, overcome obstacles and convert a desire for change into concrete steps that get logged into your date book and really get accomplished.

4. Coaching is Continuous Leadership Development
Coaches don't give solutions: they help you find the answers to your own problems. Coaching is helping you learn instead of telling you what to do. This approach builds your character and capacity as a leader and a person, preparing you to climb even bigger mountains in the future.

Dr. Les Brickman coaching a client Types of Coaching
What can you work on? Just about anything! Just answer the question, "What do I want to do different?" Performance coaching helps you increase your performance. You can also work at discovering your destiny, organizing your life, getting into an exercise program, refocusing on your priorities, or revamping your prayer life.

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