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SCMI understands the difficulty in transitioning to the cell strategy. It's our conviction and experience that both one on one consultation -- as opposed to merely information -- is the best way to assure success over time. A consultant comes along side a pastor / church and assists in the design of a customized strategy for that particular church.
  1. Investigating Cell Church Models
    One day introductory seminar for church leader focusing on the theology, biblical roots, Christian history, principles and core values of a cell church. Explores various Cell Church models, such as the 5x5, Jethro, and G12. Compares and contrasts the Cell Church model with the Simple Church/House Church model. Includes valuable tools for assessing your church's readiness to transition.

  2. Implementing a Cell Church Model
    One or two day practical seminar for church leaders helping to define your model, design an initial prototype cell, anticipate future multiplication cycles, prepare your congregation for change, and develop an effective leadership equipping system.

  3. Values Transformation
    Successful Cell Churches are Values Driven Cell Churches. Pastor, learn how to define and articulate your own core values, as well as the core values of your church. Discover the secret of unifying your leadership team around your core values. This is a dynamic and life changing two day workshop for Senior Leadership and direct reports.

  4. De-Bugging Your Cell Church
    One day interactive consultation designed to help you trouble-shoot, solve problems and answer questions you are currently facing. Designed for those further down the road of cell church ministry.

  5. Individualized Church Consultation
    Customized assessment and recommendation for your church, needs, problems and transition plan.

  6. Personalized Ministry to Pastor, Family, Staff or Leaders
    Contact us to customize ministry to meet your needs.
Dr. Les Brickman Consulting
Dr. Les Brickman teaching


 Leading a Life Changing Cell
  Encountering Christ in Cell
  Becoming an Effective Cell Coach
  Releasing Spiritual Gifts
  Resolving Conflicts Biblically
  Enriching Your Marriage
  Empowering Couples in Ministry
  Building Dynamic Teams
  Experiencing a Leadership Cell
  Cell Topical Seminars
  Customized Seminars


  Investigating Cell Church Models
  Implementing a Cell Model
  Values Transformation
  De-Bugging Your Cell Church
  Individualized Church Consultation
  Personalized Ministry

Addtl Coach Training

  ACT - Accelerated Coach Training
  RTT - Real Talk Training
  Cell / SG Coach Workshops


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